Selma Daniel

Selma Daniel Pilates instructorSelma Daniel is a mother of 2 wonderful boys, passionate for body & movement, very experienced PILATES instructor, certified by STOTT PILATES®, Merrithew Health & Fitness™, professional dancer/choreographer and holds a Masters Degree in Arts, Contemporary Dance Performance, from University of Limerick. In addition to Pilates and Dance, Selma had studied other holistic body methods including, Alexander Technique, Somatic Studies and yoga. She brings her knowledge of these methods and her experience with the body through dance into her teaching. Selma has found this varied knowledge instrumental in helping a wide range of clients. To date, Selma had instructed PILATES MatWork in several Gyms/Studios in Limerick and Dublin, as well as her own group classes and the very especial tailored for an individual one-on-one classes. Selma classes is famous for being challenging, motivational and energetic at same time promoting body awareness and respect to it’s limits. She gives clear instructions and modifications to accommodate everyone’s needs and levels.

With an extensive Dance Carrier, Selma has toured extensively with Brazilian companies in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. After include Pilates to her practice, she had experienced Pilates change her way to move and dance, and also had seen her students changed significantly their body shapes and posture.

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