workshop (Selma)-1Connect & Invigorate Wellness Workshop with Selma Daniel

Connect with your inner self and invigorate your body and mind through this 3-hour workshop of Body-Mind based movement. In this workshop you will experience Pilates exercises, Alexander Technique, Holistic Dance and Meditation; In all the workshops, individuals are encouraged to move at their own pace and capability. No previous experience in dance/movement required, all levels, man and women are welcome.

Profile: Selma Daniel is passionate for Mind & Body type of movement, very experienced PILATES instructor, certified by STOTT PILATES®, Merrithew Health & Fitness™, professional dancer/choreographer Selma holds a Masters Degree in Arts, Contemporary Dance Performance, from University of Limerick. Selma had also studied holistic methods of exercises including, Alexander Technique, Somatic Studies and yoga.

Date: 21st May
From 15:00 to 18:00
Place: Latern Centre, 15 Synge Street, Dublin 8
Ticket: €20 click on the button bellow to secure your place

If you have any trouble booking online, please contact me and i’ll make sure your place is secured, i just hope you can make your decision ASAP, because we have ONLY 4 PLACES LEFT!

Pilates Class 1hour
Break for 10 minutes
Holistic Dance 1hour
Guided Meditation 15minutes
Herbal tea and healthy snacks and time to connect with people 😉

Please wear comfortable clothes, bring your mat, switch off your mobile phone and enjoy!

What are you going to experience on this 3 hour long workshop?
Here is a outline about this wonderful experience.

Pilates is a system of Body & Mind exercises, designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, posture and enhance mental awareness.

In this part of the workshop you will get a vigorous but low impact work out.

Holistic dance/movement is a combination of my training as a Dancer and my own experience as movement teacher. I use different concepts such as the concept of active imagination in movement, self-awareness, the connection of mind and body. Holistic Dance/Movement explores the body from within, the form happens on moving from an inner impulse following this impulse through its development. The practice of dance/movement facilitates personal growth on a physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual level.

Individuals are encouraged to move at their own pace and capability. No previous experience in dance/movement required; all levels, man and women are welcome.


Guided meditation In this part of the workshop you will experience a deeply relaxation through guided spoken meditation to gently invigorate your Mind & Body with positive energy.

You can bring a small pillow and a blanket for more comfort in this meditation part the practice.



Selma Daniel

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