Venue: Obus Healthy Centre, Leixlip or in the comfort of your home

Times: The time that best suits you, call Selma on 0879606411 to make an appointment

These sessions are suitable for people who:
Who are recovering from injure and want to begin safe, guided movement.
Breast cancer survivor who has restricted movement.
People who have had a car accident or any other physical trauma which has left them with restricted movement or cautious about exercise.
People with special conditions such as arthritis, who want to remain flexible.

It is suitable for:
People of all ages and all fitness levels.

Whether you are,
An office worker wanting to improve your posture
A teenage ballerina/dancer needing core strength to support your dancing
A weekend warrior wanting to work on stretching your muscles after cross fitting all weekend
An elite athlete keen to improve your sports performance

Our tutor, Selma, has found her varied knowledge is instrumental in helping a wide range of clients in our general pilates classes and in our one on one sessions.
To date Selma has helped clients recovering from breast cancer surgery, heart surgery, back and hip injuries and clients suffering from MS and obesity through these especially tailored PILATES MatWork sessions.
Selma’s classes are challenging and motivational and at the same time promoting body awareness and respect to its limits. She gives clear instructions and modifications to accommodate each client’s needs and levels.

Pilates One on One or One on Two is the most effective way to achieve optimal results.
The program is specifically designed around your body’s strengths and weaknesses and is structured in line with your personal goals.

Investment(price): €65 one on one (one hour class) €80 One on two (one hour class)