Corporate Pilates

Corporate Pilates

Bring Pilates to your workplace! Corporate Mat classes are available for lunchtime or after work.

‘Selma is running a course for us in our office, she is very helpful and explains all the moves fully.  She challenges us harder each week which I love and I am really enjoying her course!’

Amanda Sheridan

It’s a well known fact that exercise can help reduce stress, so why not bring exercise into your workplace to help your employees? Pilates is a safe and very effective form of exercise that improves core strength, posture and focuses the mind. With our workday involving more sitting and working on a computer than ever before, we are now seeing more injuries related to our posture. Lower back pain, neck and shoulder tension, can all be eased with improved posture and better body awareness. Yes, Pilates is known as a workout to build core strength and increase flexibility, but it also teaches body awareness and recognizing those moments when you have fallen into bad postural habits. Our classes can be programmed specifically for your workplace needs with a focus on education about the body and it’s functions to give your employees the tools to take better care of themselves.


Muscular pain, particularly back pain, contributes to companies losing millions in revenue due to employees on sick leave.

Bringing Pilates classes into the workplace can benefit both employer and employee in many ways:

  • Reduce ‘sick days’ for Company

  • Reducing tension, stress and boosting energy.

  • Improve postural awareness & self correction.

  • Reduce risk of injury.

  • Increase work efficiency and concentration level.

  • Tone, strengthen and increase flexibility.

  • Team bonding.

We can come to your workplace. All you have to provide is:

  • A clear space suitable for 10-12 people.

  • Exercise mat per person ( we will have some spare too)

Be proactive about the health of your employees. You will be repaid with happier, stress free, more productive workers!The SD Pilates provides Pilates mat classes direct to your workplace. Cost of classes can be split among the participants or covered by your workplace health and wellness program. Course are typically 6 or 10 week cycles throughout the calendar year.

Instructor will have their own insurance cover.

For more information and prices please contact us.

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