Pilates Classes

Pilates Classes

Mixed mat Pilates classes

Mat Pilates work the entire body using body weight and small apparatus to lessen or increase intensity on each of the exercises. PILATES offer a complete body workout developing a balanced body and mind.

Selma Daniel has a huge experience in instructing PILATES Mat mixed level’s classes, so if you are a very beginner or advanced practitioner of PILATES you will enjoy and will be challenged on this class.

Many of the essential PILATES exercises are practiced in most classes and they are suitable for all levels, for beginners we would recommend to take their time to watch the instructor demonstrations of the exercises and listen carefully to instructions so you can soon coordinate movement with breath, target the write muscles and perform the PILATES exercises with effectiveness. To intermediate and advanced practitioners, we offer modifications so you can choose the intensity of the exercise instructed and how you want to challenge your body each day.

Pilates is about performing the same exercise each day better.

Pilates is a life style.