Pregnancy Pilates



Rock Rose Therapy, Sallins 

Obus Holistic Centre, Leixlip



Sallins, Mondays 7pm

Leixlip, Thursdays 6pm

Exercise is good for you and your baby during pregnancy.

Suitable exercises are walking, swimming, pilates or yoga.


You certainly do not have to stop exercising during a healthy pregnancy.  And, if you do not normally do a pilates class, you can begin pilates during pregnancy as long as your instructor is fully trained and experienced in teaching “Pilates for Pregnancy”.

The class focuses on strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, and keeping the legs, back and arms strong and toned while staying flexible and utilizing your breath.

The main focus is to perform safe and effective Pilates exercises designed specifically for the rapid changes your pregnant body is experiencing.



Pelvic floor strength and connection

Mental focus

Preventing diastasis recti

Breath control

Stabilize hip and pelvis muscles


Quicker recovery and return to pre-pregnancy body

For classes held at Obus Holistic Courses in Leixlip, please contact Obus on:

+353 (0) 1 628 21 21